The comfort of your office customers is of great importance to you. Among all that can provide it, such as armchairs, sofas, television or the pleasant smell of detergents, there is also and above all, in a tropical country like Haiti, the air of your company that must be kept fresh. Air conditioning is the appropriate technique known to all to satisfy this need. Therefore, you will need a service contract to hire an individual or a company selling this service. I therefore propose a model that can give you an idea of the content of such a contract. You can contact me by clicking here if you need such a contract.

Name of the company, type of company (société anonyme, société anonyme mixte or société en nom collectif), authorised to operate in accordance with the opinion of the Ministry of Commerce on the date of the authorisation published in the newspaper Le Moniteur No. L’ Oréal. 00 of the date of publication (the partnerships are not published in the Official Journal of the Moniteur but in daily newspapers such as the Nouvelliste), having its registered office in common, identified 000-000-000-0 and patented under No. 000-000-000-0. 000000000000 and represented in the present agreement by its Director General (it is not necessary that it be a Director General), Mr. name of the representative, citizen nationality (in case he or she is a foreigner), identified by his or her passport identification number: XX00000000 and its identification number: 0000-0000, duly authorized for the purpose herein by resolution of the Board of Directors of said company, hereinafter referred to as the Company’s name, on the one hand;

(Name of service provider), owner, residing and domiciled in (Common) and identified at CIN: 00-00-00-0000-00-00-00000, hereinafter referred to as “the Provider”, of the other part
Article 1: Purpose
The purpose of this Memorandum of Understanding is to:
An air-conditioning service defined as a technique that consists of modifying, controlling and regulating the climatic conditions (temperature, humidity, dust level, etc.) of a room for comfort and technical reasons.
A refrigeration service that defines itself as a process that makes it possible to obtain and maintain a system (local, product, etc.) at a lower temperature than that of the environment.
Clarify the responsibilities and commitments of the signatory parties.
The obligations or conditions described in this contract are the only ones that bind the parties.  No other obligation or condition, in any form whatsoever, whether oral or written, shall in any case be binding on the parties, unless an agreement is reached between them and, in that case, an amendment to the contract is signed.
Article 2: Obligation of the provider
Article 3: Obligation of the undertaking
Article 4: Price
Article 5: Duration
Article 6: Responsibilities
Article 7: Confidentiality clause
Article 8: Relationship of the parties
Article 9: Exclusivity clause
Article 10: Obligation to provide information
Article 11: Resolving clause
Article 12: Termination of the contract
Article 13: Force Majeure
Article 14: Temporary unilateral suspension
Article 15: Miscellaneous
Article 16: Amendments
Article 17: Annexes
Article 18: Applicable Laws
Article 19: Company rights
Article 20: General provisions
For the performance of the present contract, the parties acting in their capacity shall elect domicile at ___________________ as the said election of domicile shall be assigned to the Court of Jurisdiction.
By signing at the bottom of this Agreement consisting of twenty (20) articles, the parties certify that they have read and understood all the articles and documents annexed to the above-mentioned contract, that he/she also has the capacity to perform the obligations described in the articles and documents annexed to the contract in accordance with the required standard norms, all this within the agreed time frame.
Done and signed at ______________ (common), in good faith, in duplicate (triple, quadruple, etc.) original of the same content and effect, on ___ March 2018.
(Company name)                                                                                                   The Provider
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